Florida the Sunshine State

Florida state is the sunshine state which located southeast of United States, Florida. Surrounded by Georgia on the North, Alabama and Gulf of Mexico on the West and the Atlantic Ocean on the East. With the average about eight hours of sunshine daily, Florida is known as the sunshine state among the 50 states of United States. Based on its strategic location with warm weather all year round, it has attracted many tourists visit especially from the North region. The best season to visit Florida is around November to May, around this period of time the weather is pretty decent and has less rainfall compare to the hurricane season in between the month of May till October.

There are some popular cities such as Tallahassee, Orlando, St. Augustine, Miami and Key West that make Florida an ideal place for tourism. Tallahassee is the capital of Florida; however, most tourists planned their itinerary focus on the East Coast. Most of them love the beautiful sea, sun and sand of Miami beach and Key West.

Tallahassee is in the old quarter of Florida, with the historical stories and buildings. One of the popular tourist spot is the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum which is situated at the Mahan Drive. This is a great place for the car collectors who loved antique design; this is a museum with the theme focuses on the antique cars. There are above 140 automobiles collections and the Tallahassee Automobile Museum was opened since 1996. In the year of 2007, the museum has moved to a new facility with the showcases of majority American-made cars to rejoice American traditions.

Address: 6800 Mahan Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32308

Come to the East Coast, St. Augustine, it is an interesting city with a strong Spanish heritage. In the Colonial Quarter, or also known as Spanish district, showcases the historical stories across 3 centuries from the 16th till the 18th centuries. It is a two-acre important landmark located at the downtown old quarter. This is definitely a must visit for an interesting classic vacation experience.

Address: 37 St. George Street St. Augustine, FL 32084

For adventurous tourists, this is the must see tourist attractions and it is call Ghost & Gravestones. This is the haunted spots for the guests who enjoy spooky attractions. There are tours guided during the trip with the Trolley of the Doomed which brings the scariest experiences to visitors. The tours only starts at night, visitors will get to stop at a few spots such as Old Jail. Along every each station, visitors will get close interactions with some popular scary spirits.

Address: 167 San Marco Ave, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Going towards South from St. Augustine, there is the world famous city with all the popular theme parks, the city is call Orlando. It is located at the Central Region of Florida, it is a very well-known tourist spots with Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studio, Universal Studio, SeaWorld, LEGOLAND, to just name a few.

Walt Disney World is the first tourist attraction that everyone must visit in Orlando. It is the best entertain for family with children, where they can spend the entire day at different theme parks. There are several theme parks with interesting topics namely MGM Studios, Epcot Theme park and Animal Kingdom. In addition, Downtown Disney is ready to accommodate more mature visitors, with the entertainments facilities such as theaters, music venues, restaurants and shopping district.

Address: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

Universal Studio is a place that never been missed for visitors that love to have close interaction with the scenes from movies. It is a combination of working studio and theme park designed by Steven Spielberg with the ideas for visitors to understand the film studio and other entertainments. Universal Studio Florida is the popular theme park that present all about the film studios while the Island of Adventure is the theme park that filled with adventurous rides and beautiful sightseeing activities. Apart from the theme parks, there is another section named City Walk which contains many great entertainment in the district area, including shopping, dining, and other activities for day and night.

Address: 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Feeling nervous for the extreme sport skydiving? In iFLY there is an option to enjoy skydiving indoor with the realistic free fall environment without jumping out from the airplane. For players who fear of height, this is a better option as iFLY is made by a vertical design wind tunnel with wall cushion, it is safe and less worried compare to the those outdoor skydiving. This activity is suitable for both children and adults, children above 3 years old are welcome and ready to fly. Protection gears and proper instructions will be given by professional instructors throughout the entire session.

Address: 6805 Visitors Circle Orlando,Florida

Finally, we come to South of Florida, the most popular place for water sports, Miami Beach and Key West. It is the perfect places for those who love water sports and diving. Every part of the beaches is amazingly beautiful with amazingly clean water, white sand and the sunny weather. Apart from the beaches, there are cultural and arts district near to Downtown Miami, one of it would be the Little Havana, which is the district filled with Cuban cultures and tradition.

Address: Calle Ocho Walk of Fame, SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

Dry Tortugas National Park should be listed into the itinerary as well; it is situated about 65 miles southwest from Key West. Based on the report, the name of the park is created by the explorer Ponde de Leon who found a numbers of turtles or Tortugas in Spanish word, in the island. There are many activities to do besides swimming and diving, guests can visit the islands, like Bush Key, Loggerhead Key and Garden Key. Each of these islands has their own unique scenery to explore.

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