Fusion Tortilla Breakfast You would love to try! * Including Mexico, China, America, Malaysia….

Fusion Tortilla Breakfast

This is the ultimate fusion flavor breakfast that you might want to challenge it.

I grew up in Malaysia, Ikan bilis and sambal (Spicy anchovy) is our national food that cannot be missed by our daily food.

By adding this umami flavor, everything turns to the fancy amazing combination.

The ingredients that used for Fusion Tortilla Breakfast are from different countries such as Mexico, America, Japan, China and Malaysia

Let’s see how to combine all ingredients to make Fusion Tortilla breakfast.

Fusion Tortilla Breakfast


Mexico corn tortilla – 3 pcs

eggs – 3 pcs

green pepper – 1/2 pc (cut into small cubes)

Japanese edamame – 1/2 cups

Malaysia spicy crispy anchovy – 3 tsp

Chinese White Sesame Seeds – 1/2 tsp

cooked Chick peas – 1/4 can

Italian herbs and spice – to taste

black pepper – to taste

Pink salt – to taste

French smoke Gouda cheese spread – 3 tsp

Fusion Tortilla Breakfast


  1. Toast Mexico corn tortilla using the air fryer.
  2. Cook the eggs in the pot for 7 minutes to make hard-boiled eggs. Drained and set aside.
  3. Defrost frozen Japanese edamame with microwave for 2 minutes
  4. Warm the chickpeas with microwave for 1 minute.
  5. Use a fork to mash the hard-boiled eggs and mixed in the Japanese edamame and chickpeas.
  6. Add in white sesame, spices, herbs, salt, and pepper. Mixed well.
  7. Display corn tortilla on the plate.
  8. Scoops the egg and bean mixes to put on top of the tortilla and garnish with Malaysia spicy crispy anchovy
  9. Ready to serve!

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