Italian cooking – The guide and recipes: Pasta Part 3: Tubular Pasta


Italian cooking – The guide and recipes: Pasta Part 3: Tubular Pasta

Don’t know how to order pasta in Italian Restorante? Here’s the pasta guide & recipes.


Tubular Pasta

Tubular pasta is any pasta that is hollow through the center, forming a tube. They are available in many different sizes and shapes. Some tubes are long and narrow while others are short and wide. They are found with smooth or ridged exteriors and their ends are cut straight or at angle. They are often served with a heavy sauce, which holds well in the hollows of the pasta tubes. Tubular pasta is also used in salads and casseroles. Some of the larger tubes that have a wide opening can be stuffed with meat and/or cheese and then baked.

Source from recipetips

Rigatoni – Cook for 10 to 13 minutes

Rigatoni are a form of tube-shaped pasta of varying lengths and diameters originating in Italy. They are larger than penne and ziti, and sometimes slightly curved, though not as curved as elbow macaroni

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Rigatoni with Sausage

Rigatoni Pasta With Sausage, Marinara Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, And Fresh Basil Is The Perfect Recipe For An Easy, Delicious Weeknight Dinner


Italian sausage

marinara sauce

Easy tomato cream rigatoni

Need easy dinner inspiration for tonight? This easy but totally delicious tomato cream rigatoni recipe is weeknight dinner perfection.

Macaroni – Cook for 8 to 10 minutes

Macaroni are dry pasta shaped like narrow tubes. Made with durum wheat, macaroni is commonly cut in short lengths; curved macaroni may be referred to as elbow macaroni. Some home machines can make macaroni shapes, but like most pasta, macaroni is usually made commercially by large-scale extrusion.

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Cheesy Italian Macaroni Pasta Recipe

Macaroni pasta

Italian seasoning

Perfect Creamy Macaroni Pasta Salad

The key to the best creamy pasta salad is to rinse the cooked pasta under cold water before tossing with the dressing. Skipping this step means the dressing will turn sticky. We also “de-flame” the onion, which tames raw onion flavor so that the onion does not take over the salad. A quick bath in cold water does the trick.

Recipe by inspiredtaste

elbow macaroni

dill pickle

yellow mustard

apple cider vinegar

Cannelloni – Cook for 7 to 10 minutes

Cannelloni are a cylindrical type of lasagna generally served baked with a filling and covered by a sauce in Italian cuisine. Popular stuffings include spinach and ricotta or minced beef. The shells are then typically covered with tomato sauce

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Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

Juicy, perfectly seasoned spinach and ricotta filling inside cannelloni pasta tubes, topped with a simple, tasty tomato sauce and melted cheese. Great for freezing!

Recipe by recipetineats


nutmeg powder

cannelloni tubes

Penne – Cook for 10 to 12 minutes.

Penne is an extruded type of pasta with cylinder-shaped pieces, their ends cut at a bias. Penne is the plural form of the Italian penna, deriving from Latin penna, and is a cognate of the English word pen. When this format was created, it was intended to imitate the then-ubiquitous fountain pen’s steel nibs

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One Pot Penne Pasta

This One Pot Penne Pasta recipe is made with sausage, red peppers, and spinach and ready in 15 minutes, making this pasta recipe a weeknight favorite recipe!

Recipe by addapinch

smoked sausage

penne pasta

roasted red peppers

Monterey Jack cheese

Bucatini – Cook for 9 to 13 minutes

Bucatini, also known as perciatelli, is a thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the center. The name comes from Italian: buco, meaning “hole”, while bucato or its Neapolitan language variant perciato means “pierced”. Bucatini is common throughout Lazio, particularly Rome

Source by Wikipedia

Bucatini with Spinach, Bacon, Creamy Parmesan Sauce

Bucatini Pasta with Spinach, Bacon, and Buttery Garlic Parmesan Sauce is an easy Italian dinner to make at home! Simple weeknight meal that takes 30 minutes. Bucatini smothered in a buttery Parmesan sauce is perfect comfort food!

Recipe by juliasalbum



bucatini amatriciana

A classic Italian pasta made with dried bucatini pasta, cherry tomatoes, guanciale (or pancetta), rosemary, Pecorino cheese, and plenty of black pepper.




San Marzano cherry

Pecorino Romano

manicotti – Cook for 7 to 10 minutes

Manicotti, literally, “little sleeve”, is an Italian American kind of pasta. They are very large pasta tubes, usually ridged, that are intended to be stuffed and baked. The filling is generally ricotta cheese mixed with cooked chopped spinach, and possibly ground meat such as veal.

Source by Wikipedia

Easy Stuffed Manicotti

This easy Manicotti recipe is stuffed with cheese and Italian herbs, covered in Marinara sauce and baked to perfection!


Ricotta cheese

basil pesto

cavatappi – Cook for 9 to 10 minutes.

Cavatappi is macaroni formed in a helical tube shape. Cavatappi is the Italian word for corkscrew. It is known by other names, including cellentani, amori, spirali, or tortiglione. It is usually scored with lines or ridges on the surface

Source by Wikipedia

Lemon Cavatappi with Asparagus and Garlic

A delicious, zesty dish that’s vegetarian friendly!

Recipe by laughingspatula


Ziti – Cook for 9 to 12 minutes

Ziti is an extruded pasta. It is smaller than rigatoni, but larger than mezzani. Ziti may have smooth sides, but the addition of the word rigati denotes lines or ridges on the pasta’s outer surface. Ziti is similar to penne, but often has ends cut in a straight line versus diagonally.

Source by Wikipedia

Three cheese baked ziti

Three Cheese Baked Ziti that is bubbly and browned, extra creamy, extra saucy, and incredibly easy with NO RICOTTA! A baked pasta masterpiece.

Recipe by pinchofyum


mascarpone cheese

provolone cheese


paccheri – Cook for 7 to 10 minutes

Paccheri is a type of pasta in the shape of a very large tube, originating from Campania. They are generally smooth, but there is also a ribbed version, paccheri millerighe. The name comes from Neapolitan paccharia, “Slaps” with a depreciative -ero to indicate something common

Source by Wikipedia

Stuffed Baked Paccheri

Stuffed Baked Paccheri Pasta, a tasty creamy broccoli & ricotta filling topped with a homemade white sauce and Parmesan Cheese. Fast & easy.

ricotta cheese


garganelli – Cook for 8 to 10 minutes

Garganelli are a type of egg-based pasta formed by rolling a flat, square noodle into a cylindrical shape. They can be made from smooth pasta or a ridged variant.

Source by Wikipedia

Garganelli Pasta with Shrimps, Squids & Zucchini

Handmade pasta cannot get any better with this delicious seafood and zucchini sauce. It’s creamy, fresh and it’s the perfect summer meal.

Recipe by cookingmydreams


White Wine

Garganelli board

Calamarata – Cook for 9 to 11 minutes.

Calamarata is a kind of thick ring pasta, often dyed with black squid ink so that they resemble sliced calamari. It originates from Naples in the South of Italy. Calamaretti is the smaller variant of Calamarata

Source by Wikipedia

Classic Italian Calamarata

Classic Italian Calamarata is LOADED with seafood flavour and made with super simple ingredients! Ready in 20 minutes and SO tasty, if you love pasta and seafood this is sure to become a favorite.

Recipe by thepetitecook


double-concentrated tomato paste

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