Louisiana the Pelican State

Louisiana is located in between of Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas. Also it is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico which offers great beaches and beautiful scenery to the visitors. Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana, that is at the East of Lafayette and West of New Orleans. Because of many pelicans were living near to the coast, Louisiana is known as The Pelican State. Even though Louisiana is a small state but, it is just amazingly beautiful to visit.

The unique French Quarter in New Orleans, it is well-known for the old buildings that built since 300 years ago. The lovely iron balconies can be seen along the sidewalks. The French Quarter is located at the old district of New Orleans where it is now a popular tourist spots loaded with many restaurants and cafes. The main attractions are the St. Louis Cathedral, Audubon Cottages, Jackson Square and the Bourbon Street with many bars around the areas. The French Quarter is the only area in the states that permitted alcohol in open containers on the street. Mardi Gras celebration, is one of the biggest celebration that hosts by the Bourbon Street annually. Thousands of Visitors celebrates the event on the street. The quarter is a combination of historical site and a romantic place for lovely couples. Visitors can learn the history by joining the local tours or have a romantic carriage ride around this neighborhood.

Celebrates Christmas in New Orleans without snow does not any impact to the joyful atmosphere of the day. The annual big event – Krewe of Jingle, serves the local residents as well as visitors from all over places, by having performances show and activities such as stilt walkers, marching bands, authentic parade floats. Jackson Square and Saint Louis Cathedral are also participated in the same event which make it more merrier. The cathedral is the most popular sights in Louisiana, which is located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, right in front of Jackson Square. The cathedral has more than 300 years history, and recently it has been upgraded and renovated. St. Louis Cathedral is well-known as the mother church which is the oldest Roman Catholic Cathedral of New Orleans. There are many Jesus status stunningly light up in the evening at the Saint Anthony Garden which makes a great view during the night.

Avery Island is the world well-known production place for the Tabasco sauce. The Tabasco Sauce is the popular pepper sauce in pairing with most of the food in American Restaurants. It is made by three ingredients and fermented in the oak barrels for three years, before bottling. Mcllhenny family was the founder of the sauce recipe since 1868. Besides visiting to the Tabasco museum and the factory, there are some other interesting attractions such as bird city and Jungle Garden for natural lovers. The Bird City has a habitat for several exotic birds, that said to be about 100,000 egrets. This is a natural protection land for all these egrets to prevent them for extinction. Other animals like alligators and deer also can be spotted during certain seasons. On the other hand, many foreign plants from all over the world are kept in the Jungle Gardens. Those plants are including Japanese Camellias, Azaleas and even the Egyptian Papyrus can be found in the garden. This is indeed an eye opener for the visitors.

Audubon Park is a public park for the locals and tourists situated near to New Orleans, which is another beautiful place in Louisiana. The park is built on the plantation area and named from the naturalist – John J. Audubon which takes up about 350 acres. Nowadays, the park has upgraded on the facilities, there are a 1.8 miles jogging track surrounded by the oak trees, picnic shelters and sport fields, including golf course, soccer field and tennis court. The Riverview or known as “The Fly” added an extension towards Mississippi River with more green area, plus a playground and a beautiful scene of the river. The park is open everyday from 5am until 10pm to public, most of the locals take the opportunity to do their exercise in the park before the get to work or after working.

The Louisiana’s Old State Capitol is located at the Baton Rouge and Mississippi River. It is a Gothic Revival architectural building with two big towers form the main entrance of the capitol building. The building structures are built like a castle, a very unique architecture with the history of 165 years. The building is built on a hill and there is a political museum features history of Louisiana. Kaleidoscope architectural is one of the unique design of the statehouse. The visitors will get an architectural rendering with a small donation. Another interesting event that catch visitors’ attention would be the award-winning 4D show – “Ghost of the Castle.” Visitors get to face with the ghost – Sarah Morgan who was the figure from Civil War period, and love this castle since it was built. The entire show takes about 12 minutes, where showcasing the important history of Sarah’s spirit conjures the castle.

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