Maine the Pine Tree State

Maine is located at the North East of The States, which is neighbored with Canada and New Hampshire. Augusta is the capital city of Maine, and the best time to visit is during Spring, best for outdoor activities such as fishing or canoeing. The largest economy sector for the Maine is leading manufacturing producer of wood and paper products, which is important to the overall income in the state. Vacationland is another name for Maine, with the uniqueness of natural surroundings, tranquil and chilling weather makes it a extraordinary place for visitors to explore. Portland is ranked as the best city to stay in the Maine with beautiful scenery and stunning beach coastlines. For the natural and adventurous lovers, Maine is indeed a suitable place to explore from sightseeing of the coast or mountain, hiking, boating, golfing and visit to the lighthouses.

Fundy Bay is one of the seven wonders, which is located in between Canada and United States. It is well-known with the highest tides in the world which is exceeded 55 feet. It has attracted many tourists from all over the world annually. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as whale watching, sea kayaking and explore the hiking trails. The powerful high tidal created the whirlpool at the Passamaquoddy Bay which is another amazing presentations that visitors can enjoy at Fundy Bay. The whirlpool is named “Old Sow,” is the second biggest in the world after the Maelstrom Whirlpool in Norway. According to the report, the perfect time to watch the Old Sow would be 3 hours prior to high tide. The spring tides with winds especially during full moon, will raise the funnels activity quite a bit.

Acadia National Park is inclusive of several attractions especially for visitors who love outdoors. It is the hub for beautiful coastline, lakes and forests that located at the East of Maine. During Summer, visitors enjoy all types of outdoor activities such as hiking, horse riding, birdwatching, swimming and sunbathing at the lakes. Also, there are campgrounds available in the park and is available to public. Furthermore, the park is open on winter for special activities like winter hiking, snowshoeing, and Cross-country skiing. The park has is attached with many other attractions which are Cadillac Mountain, Asticou Azalea Garden and Thuya Garden.

Cadillac Mountain is one of the major attraction at height of 1,530 feet, which is the tallest point at the Northern of Atlantic seaboard. It is the first location to watch sunrise in North America particularly in fall and winter season. The Mount Desert Island is consists of more than 20 mountains and mostly composed by pink granite. The mountain is located within the district of Bar Harbor, a famous resort at the coastal with the combination of modern and relax activities. There are shopping districts in town and stunning view of the cruise ship on the other end of the town.

Both the Thuya Garden and Asticou Azalea Garden are sitting side by side inside the Acadia National Park. The Japanese inspired garden, Asticou Azalea Garden was built by Savage in year 1957, where the plants material were partly from Thuya Garden. Savage believed that the huge azalea collection is better to display at the lower Asticou especially along the borders of the ponds. To best view the blooms along with water reflections. Thuya Garden is located at the back of Thuya Lodge, it was originally planned in 1933, but only opened to public in 1962. This was one of the Savage vision, to build the garden along the two axes with the border of flower beds. The design is different from the Japanese concept but followed the design by Gertrude Jekyll on English landscapes.

Victoria Mansion is an important landmark for Portland, and also the historical building since 19th century. The mansion has another name, which is also known as Morse-Libby House. It was a summer retreat home for the couple – Morse and Olive. This mansion was designed by Henry Austin the famous architect that feature the best example of Italian Style Villa in the United States. However, the visitors mostly spend their time in the Old Port Quarter, with plenty of retail shops and variety of restaurants. Nature-lovers like to visit the nearby attractions such as Lighthouse and the unique beaches. There are discovery centers and amusement park available for kids as well.

Come to the Southern of Maine, the popular Ogunquit Beach is awarded as one of the best beaches in the North America by TripAdvisor. The Abenaki Tribe named Ogunquit with the meaning of the beautiful place by the sea features a 3.5 miles beach filled with blue ocean and white sands. There are water sport activities available such as swimming and surfing. Visitors can walk until the end of the Ogunquit Beach or North Beach which is the access to the Marginal Way, that lead to the lighthouse. The walkway is about one mile which is extended to the sea from Perkins Cove. Adventurous visitors can have an option to explore other areas such as the tide pools and rock climbing. There are beautiful small village with retails shopping and good restaurants available. Let’s not forget, there are also cruises and sailing tours offer to all visitors too.

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