Massachusetts the Bay State

Massachusetts is bordered with Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and New York. The capital city is Boston, the Boston lobster is the top must eat seafood of the state. The peak season to visit Massachusetts is during the summer and fall, especially the month of June until October. The rate of visiting during summer would be high, another alternative option is during winter particularly suitable for visitors who enjoyed snow and chill weather.

Freedom Trail is the important landmarks of Boston, which takes about 3 miles trail including the historical monuments and attractions. The trail connects 16 historic monuments with city streets and the red bricks pavement with the decoration of brass medallions. Walking along colonial streets, these buildings include museums, churches, meeting house, burial grounds as well as the famous Faneuil Hall or named as “The Cradle of Liberty.” The Faneuil Hall was built in year 1740, it was given by Peter Faneuil to the city as a meeting place. The Faneuil Hall Marketplace is divided into four sections, which are South and North Market, Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Quincy Market is a nice place for shopping while the hall features a combinations of food stalls serving food from around the world. There are more than 18 million tourists visited there annually.

There are many popular museums in Massachusetts such as Jenny Museum, MIT Museum, Boston ships & Museum and Norman Rockwell Museum. Jenny Museum was built since 1749, with 3 exhibits which are; The Abolitionists, Family Cornerstone, and the happiness pursuance. There are tours available on the historic district, Plimoth Plantation and Forefathers Monument. The culture about Native American can be found at Plimoth Plantation, featuring artifacts and dwellings. Forefathers Monuments is situated on the hill in Plymouth historical district, which was built in year 1859. The monument is the biggest granite monument in the states, with funding support donations by the public.

Besides historical museum, Norman Rockwell Museum is catered for the art lovers particularly focus on the American artist, Norman Rockwell. The art and painting features his life in the Berkshires and the museum has the largest collection of his primary painting. The inspiration of the art and painting were from the ordinary people from America’s War and Civil Rights. There are some popular collections such as the Four Freedoms and Stockbridge during Christmas.

The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is the well-known university in Cambridge, other than Harvard University. The MIT Museum is one of the highlights at MIT, which began since 1971, with the wide collection of materials for education and the revolution of modern science. There are several programs and events happening all year round and there are guided tours provide by MIT students.

The Ships and Museum at Boston Tea Party is an interesting way to learn about history and its museum. Unlike ordinary museums, it is a floating museum with tearoom located at the Fort Point Channel. The museum was completed in year 1773 with the reproduction of the 3 ships from the 18th century. These ships were sent from London with a cargo of local tea leafs, which is the specialty of Abigail’s Tea Room. Abigail’s Tea Room is a great place to relax and it does serve pastry and appetizing lunch. The museum features the full-scale sailing vessels, historical interpreters and the multi-sensory documentary award winning video which give the full experience on American history.

Best activity for summer always belongs to the beaches. Cape Cod is the stunning beaches located at the hook-shaped land, located East of Massachusetts. The beaches are one of the best in the world, with about 500 miles stretch in total. Cape Cod Coast offers vast white sandy beach and it is crowded especially from June to September. Visitors enjoy sun bathing, swimming, and even volleyball. It has attracted many families with kids and even teenagers group to spend their summertime here. The National Seashore is rated on top list of must visit beaches. Free shuttles available for visitors to the beach every 5-10 minutes. This is the largest and most popular beaches among the rest. There are many different types of food available for lunch. Lobster roll one of the best and it is a must try during the trip to Cape Cod beaches.

Looking for exciting nature activities with wild marine life? Whale watching at the Stellwagen Bank is ranked as one of the best spot in the world. There are many types of whale, and other wild marine life such as dolphin, seals and harbor porpoise. Every summer, there are more than 50 whales return to the district especially those female whales with their baby calves. There are many whale-watch tours from Gloucester or Provincetown, both of these harbors are nearest to the watching spot. Visitors get the golden opportunity to experience the ecosystems at Nantucket shores and they are also supplied with the related educational materials and Naturalist’s Guide.

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