Quick Prepare Spinach Vegan Salsa Cream Cheese Sandwich

I seldom do a proper recipe for my breakfast as i always eat a combination of greens, protein and Carbs in a big bowl, not display nicely as to show to public. However, i had a shopping time in Publix (the local grocery chain in Florida) and i found this yummy salsa cream cheese spread and i think i want to share to you guys!


It has smooth silky texture with a spicy kick, so it makes the sandwich rich in flavor without adding in more sauces like mayo or ketchup. This can reduce daily big calories intake! Best for controlling your calories calculation. With proven result, if you avoid eating mayo for a week, you can easily loose 1LB.


Whole Wheat Bread * 2 slices (Toasted or not, your choice)

Publix Salsa Cream Cheese Spread * 1 tbsp or less (just spread it thin layer one side of each bread)

Spinach * as much as you can

Tomato * 2-3 Slices

Dried Cranberries * 5-6 pcs

Almond Flakes * 1 tbsp (you can toast it for better taste, but i did not do for my recipe)


How to make:

  1. Spread the cream cheese on both bread.
  2. Layer the spinach on top of one bread follow by tomato and other ingredients
  3. Cover the other bread on top and Ta-da!~ Here’s your sandwich ready!!!



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