Simple Korean Kimchi Pancakes

We have some fresh kimchi in the fridge, instead of making soup, we love pancakes too.

With just a few ingredients, to enjoy the Korean pancakes at home!

Simple Korean Kimchi Pancakes


Flour – 2 cups

Kimchi – 2 tbsp (slice it)

Green Scallion – 2-3 stalks (dice it)

Anchovies – 2 tbsp (washed, and soak in water for 15 mins – drained it and set aside)

White sesame seeds – 1/2 tbsp

Black pepper – to taste

Salt – to taste

Simple Korean Kimchi Pancakes

  • Mix flour and water and create a smooth batter. Not a thick batter, to create a slightly thin layer of pancakes.
  • Add in other ingredients: Mini anchovies, green scallions, kimchi slices.
  • Add in white sesame seeds, black pepper and salt.
  • Heat the cast iron with oil, must wait until it is really hot.
  • Scoop the batter and pour slowly onto the cast iron
  • Turn the heat to low, and slowly pan fried the batter.
  • Start to flip, when you see the pancake turn into pale color. Do wait a little longer time to let it keep in shape.
  • Flip the pancake and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
  • Enjoy warm or serve with gyoza sauce.




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