Idaho the Gem State

Idaho State is located at the North West region of United States surrounding by Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Washington and Oregon. There are amazing natural scenery such as snow-capped mountain, the famous Hell Canyon is the deepest canyon and Shoshone Falls cliffs which is higher than the Niagara Falls. The mountains contains of valuable mineral and gems namely gold, copper, jade and tourmaline. Star garnet is the state gem of Idaho. The best time to visit Idaho is during the month of June to August and December to March, where these are the peak season. It can be crowded at beaches and camping places during that time.

Unique forming lava flows at the Craters of the Moon is a definite must visit for the adventure-seekers. They were formed by the eight volcanic eruptions since 15 thousand years ago and today it is one of the important attractions. With the similarity of the moon surface, NASA astronauts set the lava field as their training based before the actual trip for the moon landing. Visitors can spend a day to do outdoor activities such as hiking, watching wild animals and view into the Echo Crater & Lava Trees. But remember to bring a flashlight and a bottle of water while visiting, as the lava caves could be dark and the weather during summer could be hot and dry.

Sun Valley is located at the center of Idaho, where it is famous as the best ski lodges for winter activities such as skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding. However, it is such a great place for summer too, there are a lot of summer activities such as hiking, golfing and fly fishing. Many celebrities do owned the home at this area which made this place a premier spot for visitors. The World Cup skiing competition were hosted by Sun Valley annually which attracts many visitors to the lodge. Also, Gallery Walks is open to all art lovers on the monthly basis. Furthermore, October Jazz Festival is a good opportunity where the both writers and readers can unite together all in one place.

The National Recreation Area, Hell Canyon with more than 600,000 acres land area gives the outdoor lovers a great option of outdoor activities. The canyon is near to eight thousand feet deep which is the deepest river in the North America. It is situated in between the boundary of Oregon and Idaho, where the Snake River is the significant line that separate the two states. Based on the research, Hell Canyon is the historical district where human activities showed since 15,000 years ago. There are some historic sites can be found on both areas of Hell Canyon. With the beautiful natural scenery which is best for photographing, the visitors can also join in the world-class adventure of whitewater boating or enjoy hiking and horseback riding. There are some hiking challenges based on the fitness level, where the visitors can choose the best for themselves.
Shoshone Falls is situated in Twin Falls, the South region of Idaho. The width of the rim is 1000 feet and the heights of 212 feet, which is taller than the Niagara Falls! It is amazingly stunning! The falls were the main area for Native Americans to perform trading activities and fishing. The Shoshone Museum is a treasure for itself, where it took more than 30 years to build by stacking black lava rocks from the based. It is run by a family of Olsen Men and now it has come to the third generations. The collections including more than hundreds of artifacts, such as African Art, Stone Age equipments, Alaskan Fishing tools and fossils. Visitors can spent at least half a day by just visiting to the museum. To fully enjoy great view of the falls, the peak season is from April to July. Dierkes Lake Complex is the place for visitors traveling with elderly or children, there are a lot of recreational activities such as picnic areas and playgrounds to relax.

The Black Cliffs is the perfect spot for adventurous climbers who want to challenge themselves. It is located at Boise, the capital city of Idaho where the cliffs and pillars are formed by the volcanic basalt. The natural formations of these pillars provide the great handholds and footholds which cater to rock climbers needs. The climbing activities started in 60’s by some local climbers, and it is proven that the rocks are stacked up safely. Nowadays, there are exceeded hundreds of routes set up based on different challenge levels for each climbers.

Another place call Dog Bark Park, with the biggest beagle sculptures with the heights of 30 feet tall. A great place for dog lovers and fantastic for photography in the surrounding. There are a few bed and breakfast if the visitors need to spend a night. The park is run by a couple, Dennis and Frances. The place is surrounded by many animal sculptures such as fish, moose and bears all crafted by the couple. Special gift shop also is available for visitors. Product offer such as dog or puppy related gifts. Since 1995, they started wooden carving for dogs and invested the profits into the operation of Dog Bark Park. This is the 15th years anniversary of the dog bark park. Today they have created over 60 different breeds of dogs in different poses. It is truly a must visit place.

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