New York the Empire State

New York is situated next to Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and border with Canada. It is the most popular state in the entire United States and the core center of the financial transactions of the world. New York City is suitable to visit almost every season however the best timing would be around April till June or September till November. Albany is the state capitol of New York State, but the famous tourist spots are mostly focus at the Manhattan’s district.

The top must visited attractions are: The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift given by France, since 1886 it has become the best American icons that represents the symbol of freedom. It is also famous as the largest statue in the world with the height of 152 feet. The Statue of Liberty is situated on Liberty Island which is not far from lower Manhattan. There are several ways to view the statue either from far or the nearer views can be done by riding the boat. A few locations do offers great views are from the Lower Manhattan, Battery Park and New York Harbor. Visitors can either select on their personal short boat trip or follow the guided tours with self-guided audio which is including a ferry ticket ride to the island.

The Metropolitan Museum is located at fifth avenue with the famous art display collection from all over the world. It is commonly known as “The Met” and it was discovered since 1870. It is one of the world’s greatest art gallery today. There are more than 2 million arts displayed at the Met such as American arts, costumes, musical instruments, arms and armor. The collections are from the Ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern contemporary art photography which is more than 17 curatorial collections. To completely enjoy the whole visit to The Met, visitors have to spend at least half day depends on crowds. There will be long line just to enter the museum during the peak season.

Central Park is a big park which located in the city center of Manhattan, which brings New York a greener city but not just the concrete jungle. Central park is the first landscaped park which is open to the public visitors. It has been shown in most movies and television shows which makes Central Park a famous attraction for visitors around the world. The park takes up about 840 acre of land, by offering a lot of activities. Visitors can visit to the Zoo, Strawberry Fields, and the lake, which is wonderful for paddling in summer and skating in Winter. Bike renting services are also available to explore the entire park with less tiring option at a affordable price. The Central Park is indeed the best place for the entire family to have a picnic or taking a break from busy life.

Times Square, the heart of Midtown Manhattan, is famous with the name, “The World’s Crossroad” which brings over 40 million tourists yearly. It was renamed since 1904 and previously it was named as Longacre Square. Compare to the past, Times Square now are much safer area that offers several activities like theaters and shopping galleries. There are many fancy restaurants available for selections in the area. There are some interesting retail shops such as M&M Museum and Hershey’s Chocolates Museum features some history about their products and souvenirs. Not to forget the streets are decorated with colorful digital light billboards and signs, that makes the night of Times Square the place that never sleep. Times Square is also one of the center for entertainment industry, the media offices like ABC, MTV are located in this hub.

The Empire State Building is a popular landmarks in New York since 1931. It was the highest building in the world, it has been replaced by the WTC tower. However, the building is still remain popular among tourists from worldwide. It is a 102 floors building with two observation decks which are located at 86th and 102nd floor. It bring great views of the entire city inclusive the neighboring states like Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts on the clear weather. During the peak season, it might be crowded and visitors has to wait in long line just to get into the building. The building is open daily to serve the millions of tourists annually. Opening hour starts from 9:30am until late evening. Visiting during day time and night time would bring a amazingly different views for visitors, which is not to be missed.

Brooklyn Bridge was the very first bridge made by steel and also the longest suspension bridge. The bridge was completed in year 1883. The length of the bridge is about 1.3 miles and across the East River by connecting between Manhattan and Brooklyn. The bridge is a famous American landmark that gives inspirations to the poets, art design, and songwriters over the decades. The bridge is busy with over 120,000 vehicles crossing the bridge daily. Also, visitors can walk at the pedestrian pathway or cycling across to enjoy the scenery along the bridge.

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