Kentucky the Bluegrass State

Kentucky is located at the South of Indiana and Ohio, the East of West Virginia and North of Tennessee, along with East of Missouri and Illinois. Kentucky was formally a section of Virginia, furthermore joined the Union in year 1792. The capital city of Kentucky is Frankfort.  It is where the Kentucky State Capitol located.  With the amazing architecture design, especially beautiful marble staircase, the city has attracted many visitors annually.

Kentucky is ranked at 26th most crowded states in United States.  Kentucky is ranked third biggest Automotive manufacturing state in America after Michigan and Ohio.  Many of the famous automotive brands such as Ford, General Motors and Toyota had set up their auto assembly plants in Kentucky.

The best time to visit Kentucky is around spring and autumn season. Kentucky is popular in horse racing and bluegrass music.  There are many historical site and museums in Kentucky. Many nature scenery and places are simply astonishing and it is a must visit for all vacationer.

The annually horse racing event is call the Kentucky Derby.It is one of the most popular and greatest racing event in the world.  This event happens yearly in the month of May since 1875 in the selected district of Churchill Downs.  During the Kentucky Derby Festival, there are many fun activities that suitable for kids and adults. Thunder Over Louisville has the largest fireworks, Hot-Air Balloon show, Pegasus Parade and great Steamboat contest.
Address: Churchill Downs, 704 Central Ave, Louisville, KY 40208

Lexington is the second main city in Kentucky where horse lovers from around the world must visit.  It is well-known as the world’s known Horse Capital.  There are two major tourist places which are the Kentucky Horse Park and American Saddlebred Museum. Both are definitely worth a visit.  Those museum displays the greatest album of Saddlebred artifacts, with big collection artwork by George F. Morris, along with records of many trophies and photographs.

Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass state, it is all about the popular Kentucky bluegrass and Bourbon music where Louisville has rejoiced on the final day of summer annually.  This is a two-day celebration event with live bluegrass music bands, food and barbecue, with the opportunity to experience the most famous and extraordinary craft bourbons.  Bluegrass music is getting more accepted among nations since year 2000, hence making Kentucky the bourbons capital.  The music festival happens on several places; Lexington Horse Park is the biggest celebration among the others.  For more information, do check out their bluegrass music list on their official website.

Address: 4083 Iron Works Pkwy, Lexington, KY 40511

Baseball is one of the popular sports among the nations apart from American Football.  The Louisville Slugger Museum is a well-known for its largest baseball theme museum that all baseball fans must visit.  There is a giant size steel baseball bat lean against the building which makes it an unique landmark for the museum.  Visitors can tour the production floor and learn the process of making a baseball bat and customized their very own bat too!

Address: 800 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202-2620, United States

There are many waterfalls all around Kentucky; one of the famous natural scenes would be Dog Slaughter Falls.  It is a 15-foot size waterfall with a fantastic view from the Dog Slaughter Falls path.  Hiking is the main activity at this two-mile path with moderate challenge which is suitable for all ages.  It is a best place for family to walk their dogs.  There are many nice plants such as rhododendrons and hemlock along the trail.  They are definitely breathtaking and must see.

Address: Dog Slaughter Falls, KY

The Mammoth Cave locates in Kentucky State is a recognized world heritage spot which attracts more than 400,000 visitors annually.  The cave is the world’s best identified cave system with exceeded 400 miles.  Many visitors likes to turn off the torch lights to experience the feeling of complete darkness.  The attraction of the Mammoth Cave is all about their unique overhang giant sandstone rocks above you as one explore inside.  These natural built rocks have formed the Mammoth Cave a popular spot for the adventurous climbers who are looking for a challenge.

Address: Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky 42259

Kentucky is the state that produces one of the best tobacco in the world.  The famous traditional brand Farmers Tobacco,is the fourth generation in the tobacco business.  The company’s founders understand the growing methods and the best time to harvest and produce it. They truly understand how to produce world class tobaccos with assistance bleeding expert Happy Wigleworth.

Let’s not forget about the food of the state.  The famous fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was originated from Kentucky by a businessman named Colonel Harland Sanders that started the fried chicken business in Corbin, Kentucky.  The business model was later turned into a franchising idea in year 1952 with the first KFC franchise store in Utah.  The founder advertised himself as the ambassador of the brand; until today, his image is still commonly used in advertising and promotion materials.

Lamb fries are one of the food challenges that not everyone is willing to try. However, it is very famous at Kentucky especially at the northern region of the state.  Lamb fries are not mutton slices but those are lamb’s testicles.  The testicles are sliced into thin strips, marinated, deep-fried and served with the homemade Bechamel sauce.  Are you game enough to try?

The tradition food of Bluegrass state is the bourbon balls,which is usually available during holiday and the annual festival as such as the Kentucky Derby.  Traditionally these bourbon balls are made by chocolate and pecans; however, there are additional flavors added nowadays to make it different and unique.  Different types of liquors such as rum have been added for alcohol lovers.

Another famous food one must try in Kentucky is the Derby Pie.  Conventionally there are three special flavors but the dark chocolate Derby Pie would be the top of the list from the selection.  Also, by adding dark chocolate into their fillings it is simply to die for.  The pie is made especially for bourbon lovers as well.  The pecans are soaked in bourbon for that extra enhance taste.  Adding Walnuts and dark chocolate into the pie filling are some interesting idea to attract fans with heavier taste.

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