Alabama the Heart of Dixie State

Alabama is located South East region and surrounded by Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi. Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama and is situation at the center of the state.  There are several segments made up the economy of Alabama, being agriculture production is ranked number three after Georgia and Arkansas States. The agriculture products are mainly from live stock which is up of 82% while crops are about 18%. Top of that Alabama is in the top of chemical manufacturing such as adding value into raw materials, such as raw cottons are made into cotton cloths and raw pulp into paper towels or cardboard. There are several valuable mines products as well, for example natural gas or petroleum, coal and lime stones are mined in the states. Additionally Alabama is the leading manufacturer for bauxite and marbles.

The attractions at Alabama are a mixture in between historical, arts and nature.

The Battleship Memorial Park gives much memory of the army that served during WWII, and even includes up-to-date operations grounds. The main attraction which brings visitors from around the country into the park is the USS Alabama Battleship that was built since 1940s. Along the way, there are many displays of vintage aircraft, such as the famous B-52 bomber.

The origin of America space program is located at Huntsville, Alabama. The is a very popular tourist attractions for the city. Dr Wernher set up the Apollo rocket at this very city and that is being displayed permanently at the center.  It has attracted more than 16 million visitors all over the world. There are other events such as Space Camp and Robotic Camps that received thousands of participants annually.

The Birmingham Zoo is a great place for family with children to visit. With the size exceed 122 acres; this zoo is capable to keep up to 800 types of animal all over the world. There are plenty of exhibitions open to public throughout the year. Birmingham Zoo provides some educational classes and offer Summer Zoofari Camp especially targeted for teachers and students. Apart from that, there are some other hobby courses such as photography training, this class is specially great for those who loves photographing for birds and wild life.

Fishing is a great leisure activity for guests that visit Orange Beach. It is the famous fishing bay at Mexico Gulf. Along the coastline, Fort Gaines is the historical attraction that was built since 1800s. This is indeed a great place for those who love fishing along with beautiful beaches and sunset. Check out great fishing tools here.

The Tinglewood carvings by Mr Tingle a must visit to the Orr Park. The original idea is to prevent trees to be taken away after they were destroyed by the storm; Mr Tingle has turned those trees into the amazing carvings. There are more than 30 carvings all over the park with different designs such as alligators, dragon and men.

The Statue of Vulcan, with the heights of 58 feet; it is the biggest cast metal statue made in the States. It is installed on top of the Red Mountain and exhibits since 1904 on Saint Louis World’s Fair. Today, the area is expanded to become a historical museum and park. The statue tells the story about Vulcan and Birmingham.

The well-known University of Alabama is located at Tuscaloosa since 1827 and expanded to a seven buildings campus in year 1831. Nowadays, this campus is the museum for art gallery, Gorgas House, Pre-Civil War classrooms and 50-acre arboretum. In the year 1829, famous architect William built the Gorgas House. It is lucky enough to survive from burning during Civil War period.

Let’s fill up the stomach with the best Alabama food.

Pecan pie is the dessert favored by the entire nation as pecan represents the state nut in Alabama. It is just wonderful to have a piece of pecan pie after the dinner.

Fried food are always the top choice among the rest, the country fried steak is so delicious that change the way steak can be cooked. Apart from that, fried catfish served together with hushpuppies and salad is the best well known Southern dish in Alabama.

There are food for vegetable lovers too such as fried okra, green tomatoes and dill pickles. Each of them has their unique taste to serve as snacks.

Besides fried food, Alabama also does great BBQ among the states, the popular barbecue pulled pork which is very juicy and tender; give another option for the taste buds. So do not forget to the delicious pull pork when visiting Alabama.

Everybody loves cheese, but the Pimento cheese from Alabama is very well-known. With the name as the Southern caviar, that is a definitely must try in Alabama. It can be located especially during the Southern events.

Do not forget to visit one of the best Oyster restaurant at Spanish Fort, try their char grilled oyster with bacon, this is the best place either for lunch or dinner.

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