Traditional Mushroom Yam Rice 古早味香菇芋头油饭

Yesterday, i made a traditional taste yet simple dish for dinner, and hubby liked it so much. This is a One pot rice with mushrooms, shrimps and the main ingredient, Chinese Taro (Yam). With it’s fluffy texture, it made the rice taste so yummilicious and i believed if you like Chinese food you will definitelyRead More

Old Style Super Moist Butter Milo Cake 古早味超绵密斑马牛油milo磅蛋糕 (6 inches square mold)

I miss home, and the simple butter cake brings me the feeling of being home, so, i bake! Been looking around for many bakery shop where i find all the butter cakes are too oily and dry so i have this amended recipe to make it super moist! Ingredients: Butter (unsalted) * 250g Cake FlourRead More