Utah the Beehive State

Utah is bordered with Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. It is a state filled with natural beautiful scenery, especially the top five famous national parks and more than 43 state parks open for public all year round. With the perfect location, Utah presents the best view of the Rocky Mountains and the desert Southwest, that attracted many visitors from all over the world. Besides outdoor activities, visitors do enjoy the world-class shopping experience and dining at this lovely state.

There are 5 National Parks, those are Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef. Among these national parks, Zion is the first national park in the state with the name “heavenly mountain” which is the paradise for all hikers. Zion National Park features the best stunning scenery such as the red rock sandstone cliffs, the highest towers, waterfalls and the Emerald lakes. The 11 miles hiking trail is the most popular trail for visitors, which is in the intersection of Virgin River and and Pine Creek. This trail will lead to the East entrance of the national park. A sightseeing bus will service during spring until autumn to give visitors a tour around the all the park’s major scenery points.

Next to Moab town, the unique National Park – Arches are formed! With more than two thousand natural rock arches. This is not only a great place for hiking, but also the perfect place for photography. The park features amazing delicate arches ranging from small stone cracks to the glorious landscape arch. These stunning scenery are the results from volcano eruptions and deposition which happens million years ago. Again, hiking is still the best way to explore the entire park. The famous hiking field are Delicate Arch, Double Arch, Fiery Furnace and Devil’s Garden. Surprisingly there are quite a big numbers of wildlife stay in park, such as ringtails, desert rodents, mountain lions and bobcats to just name a few.

Bryce Canyon is built since 1928, and it is different from the other canyon. It is actually a series of tremendous amphitheaters located at the east of Pausaugunt Plateau. These huge and tall rock towers or hoodoos filled the parks with wonderful colors such as red, orange and white. There are some famous rocks such as fairy chimneys, tent rocks and earth pyramids. These are the main attractions for all visitors. With the location at about 8,000 ft above sea level, the park is the home to many native plants and there are 13 visitor points around to enjoy for the best view. Especially between April till October months.

Heber City is a historic town with a heritage railroad name Heber Valley Railroad that travel in between Heber City and Vivian Park. The total railroad lines takes up about 16 miles with the amazing scenery like Deer Creek Dam, Provo River, Cascade Mountain, Soldier Hollow, Tate Barn and Mount Timpanogos. There are possibility to watch the animals along the journey, those wildlife includes deer, beavers, moose and foxes. One of the unique state park – Wasatch Mountain has the longest tubing lane open daily for the public. Also, it offers cross country skiing trails during winter and a 36-hole golfing range in the summer.

Another amazing small town, Brigham City. It is located at the North of Wasatch Front, features many historical buildings, such as the 100 years old Capitol Cinema, pillared courthouse and an Mormon Tabernacle. The town was established since 1850s by Brigham Young, the 2nd president of Mormon Church. Bear River Bird Refuge is a great place for bird watching. This place is a world class bird watching spot with species ranging from duckling and vivid songbirds. There are more than 200 kinds of birds stop by according to season such as American white pelican and white-face ibis. September is a special month in Brigham City, this is to celebrate the special harvest of peaches. Thanks to the warm sunshine that provide a perfect growing location for those peaches. This festival brings more than 75,000 visitors to the town annually with many activities such as a huge car show and movie screenings.

There are many Mormon Temples around the city as there are many Mormon believers residing in Utah. Visitors can easily spot any Mormon Temple and the popular one is located at Temple Square, Salt Lake City. It was built on the 19th Century and only can be entered by believers. The temple takes up about 35 acres, which is including a garden and the observation deck on 26th floor inside the Church Office. From the observation deck, visitors can enjoy amazing scenery of the entire town.

There is a place that should not be missed during winter and that is Park City. Park City is famous for skiing and snowboarding especially the best three places in the resort are Park City Mountain, Canyons and Deer Valley. These resorts offer world class downhill skiing which is suitable for adventurous skier. The place was formerly a mining town and rebuilt into a popular ski destinations. Also, the Winter Olympics in year 2002 was held in the Olympic Sports Park, which is also located at this area.