BEST 15 Popular Cocktail in the clubs


1) Margarita 

Recipe by liquor

Agave syrup

Cocktail shaker

2) Mojito 

Recipe by gimmesomeoven

3) Manhattan 

Recipe by gimmesomeoven

Angostura bitters

Maraschino Cherries

4) whiskey sour

Recipe by tastingtable

5) Martini

Recipe by epicurious

Cocktail Picks

Green Pitted Olives

6) Pina Colada

Recipe by sweetandsavorybyshinee

Ice Crusher



Recipe by vinepair

triple sec

five-spice syrup

8) Paloma

Recipe by chewoutloud

9) Aviation

Recipe by platingsandpairings

Crème de Violette

10) Bramble 

Recipe by sidewalkshoes

11) Appletini 

Recipe by liquor

12) Lavender Bee’s knees

Recipe by simpleseasonal

13) Pimm’s

Recipe by wildwildwhisk

ginger ale

14) White Lady

Recipe by sidewalkshoes

15) Bloody Mary

Recipe by totalwine

bloody mary mix


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