besan powder

Jelly Besan Powder DIY Face Beauty Cold Mask Packs 40g

besan powder

Jelly Besan Chickpea Powder DIY Face Beauty Cold Mask Packs 40g Natural Moisturizing Reduce Redness Remove deadcells


☑️ 100% Natural & Freshly made
☑️ Vegan & Vegetarian
☑️ Muslim friendly
☑️ Premium cosmetic grade
☑️ Easy storage
☑️ Long shelf life (90 days from packing date)
☑️ Pure & Potent (no additional additives)
❌ No preservatives
❌ Non-GMO
❌ No animal fats ingredients

♥️ Soothing
♥️ Moisturizing
♥️ Reduce redness
♥️ Remove deadcells

demo results

⭕ Each flavor 20g is packed in individual packet
⭕ Total of 40g
– 1 pack fruit/ veggie powders (Packet A)
– 1 pack gelatin bits (Packet B)
⭕ Ingredients: Natural fruits / Veggie powder/ gelatin
⭕ Keep in the fridge to keep fresh and prevent caking

How to use?
1) take 3-4g (Packet B) to boil with 40g water at low heat (or microwave 20 sec ) until all crystal dissolved. Off the heat
2) add 3-4g (packet A – powder) added into the pot and mix well
3) Take a facial mask mold, fill in the mold with the pes, keep in fridge for 15 mins
4) Take out the Jelly mask from the mold and apply to your face for 15 mins
5) Peel off & Wash off and apply toner/ moisturizer

mask mold

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