Little Sheep Chinese Hot Pot Instant Broth Soup Based Plain Steamboat and Dipping Sauce


What is hot pot?

hot pot, or hotpot, also referred to as steamboat, is a Chinese food preparation technique, prepared with a simmering pot of soup stock at the table, having a variety of Eastern Asian foods and components.

What remains in Chinese hot pot?

Common warm pot recipes consist of thinly cut meat, fallen leave veggies, mushrooms, wontons, egg dumplings, tofu, and also seafood. The prepared food is normally consumed with a dipping sauce.


Background of Chinese hot pot

Ancient evidence shows that the earliest hot pots appeared around the Han empire. Restaurants among the nobility each had a personal pot. The pot was made of bronze, as well as called “Ran Lu” (Chinese: 燃炉).

The almost all of “Ran Lu” was a stove for carbon burning, with a plate for carbon dust under and also a small pot over. Later, during the Qing empire, hot pot came to be prominent amongst the emperors.
Specifically, the Qianlong Emperor was extremely keen on warm pot, as well as would certainly consume it for nearly every meal.

Later on, the Jiaqing Emperor likewise had a reception with 1550 warm pots at his crowning. Empress Dowager Cixi was likewise understood to have actually appreciated warm pot, specifically in the winter months


Little Sheep Chinese Hot Pot Instant Broth Soup Based Plain Steamboat and Dipping Sauce 小肥羊清汤火锅底料组合料理包和蘸酱
























All spices and flavored are pre-mixed and pre-packed. REAL spices such as garlic, goji, dates, ginger etc are included, not artificial powdered flavor package.

The soup is plain but it will get spicier upon boiling. Super tasty!

Easy cooking, just add water and boiled it! perfect flavor match with the dipping sauce

Ready to serve 6 pax. Great for small family

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