Japanese To-fu Egg Patty with Bonito Flakes

I always try to make things simple, today, with the soft To-fu, i smashed it and mixed it with the egg, then it become the vegetarian patty, that is suitable for everybody, especially if you want to eat clean and even if you are on diet plan. Ingredients: Soft Tofu * 1/2 pc Egg *Read More

String Beans Omelette with Dried Bonito Flakes

A creative way of making string beans, make it like an omelette, it can be served as breakfast or proper meals with rice. Bonito flakes to add in the seafood flavor for the entire dish, surprise!   Ingredients´╝Ü String beans * 100g (cut into small cubes) Eggs * 2 pcs (lightly beaten) Bonito Flakes *Read More