Chinese Fujian Five Spice Pork Rolls (五香卤肉卷)

This is the snack that i have been eaten since childhood. My granny, or everybody’s granny will make this pork rolls during our prayers to ancestor and this is quite a luxurious food which we do not always get the chance to eat. However there are street food stall that selling the same pork rolls,Read More

Taiwanese Five Spices Stew Beancurd

This is a snack for Chinese during they have their glass of beer, it is just similar function as to the Nacho Chips in Western. However we can also prepare this as one of our dinner dish as beancurd is a good protein source if you think eggs are too boring sometimes. This beancurd isRead More

Goh Hiang All Spice Chicken Drumsticks with side dishes

Ever since i moved to this city, this is one of the dish i usually craving about. The Goh Hiang gravy sauce can be used to stew mostly everything from tofu, eggs, chicken feet, drumstick and pork. Goh Hiang seasoning is inclusive of ground pepper, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cumin seeds, ginger, cardamom, licorice, pepper,Read More