Taiwanese Five Spices Stew Beancurd

This is a snack for Chinese during they have their glass of beer, it is just similar function as to the Nacho Chips in Western. However we can also prepare this as one of our dinner dish as beancurd is a good protein source if you think eggs are too boring sometimes. This beancurd is harden in texture where is it different from the tofu that is smooth and soft. The preparation is simple, just takes me about 15 minutes for the entire dish.


The dish is originate from Taiwan, besides beancurd, there are many ingredients can be added into it, such as hard boiled egg, tofu, pork liver, pork kidney and mushrooms. Sounds good? Let’s see how this simple easy steps made up this dish.




Beancurd * 2 pcs (bought from Oriental Supermarket)

Ginger * few slices

Green scallions * cut into 1.5″ cube (use the white parts only)

Five Spice Marinated Sauce * 1/2 cup

Dark soy sauce * 2 tsp

Dried Chili Flakes * to taste

Black Pepper * to taste

Water * 1/2 cup


How to make:

  1. Heat up the wok with oil and pan fry the beancurd (do not cut into slices yet) until little golden brown
  2. Start preparing the stew soup with water by adding in the five spice marinated sauce, ginger, green scallions, dried chili flakes, dark soy sauce and black pepper. Cook until boiling
  3. Add in the beancurd and continue stew until the beancurd become dark brown color.


Photos of the ingredients:




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