Baked Eight Treasures Duck (焗烤八宝鸭)

  This is the first time ever we gotten a whole duck from the market. We usually just dine in the Chinese restaurant if we craved for ducks. However, i am giving the duck a trial cooking in my own kitchen. Eight treasures duck is a very traditional Chinese dish from Fu-Jian Province, China. WhyRead More

Traditional Mushroom Yam Rice 古早味香菇芋头油饭

Yesterday, i made a traditional taste yet simple dish for dinner, and hubby liked it so much. This is a One pot rice with mushrooms, shrimps and the main ingredient, Chinese Taro (Yam). With it’s fluffy texture, it made the rice taste so yummilicious and i believed if you like Chinese food you will definitelyRead More

Thai Homecook Fish Cake Vermicelli (泰式鱼片炒米粉)

A simple lunch, make me have the memory of being with my mom, we used to love buying this vermicelli from our morning market as our breakfast. Now i am apart from my mom, i missed her, and i know by making this dish will make me miss her more, but i cannot help it…Read More

Old Style Super Moist Butter Milo Cake 古早味超绵密斑马牛油milo磅蛋糕 (6 inches square mold)

I miss home, and the simple butter cake brings me the feeling of being home, so, i bake! Been looking around for many bakery shop where i find all the butter cakes are too oily and dry so i have this amended recipe to make it super moist! Ingredients: Butter (unsalted) * 250g Cake FlourRead More

Traditional Chinese Mama Snack Green Scallion Crispy Bun

Suddenly we are craving for this traditional snacks that we had it during our childhood, it is very common among the streets in Asia or china, however, here in America, you can only do it by your own. It is very filling and can be eaten during breakfast, tea time or even snacks! it isRead More