Traditional Chinese Mama Snack Green Scallion Crispy Bun


Suddenly we are craving for this traditional snacks that we had it during our childhood, it is very common among the streets in Asia or china, however, here in America, you can only do it by your own. It is very filling and can be eaten during breakfast, tea time or even snacks!

it is Crispy outside but chewy inside, i have made 10-11 pcs from this recipe, however it depends how big and how thick your bun is going to be ~ i pan fry it with just a little drop of oil, and it is totally non greasy on your finger tips!

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All purpose Flour * 4 cups

Warm water * 1 cup

normal room water * 20ml

green scallion * 300g (slice it tiny)

black pepper * for flavor

Salt * for flavor

olive oil * 1-2 tbsp

cooking oil * little bit

sesame seeds * little bit (toasted )


How to make:

  1. Mix the flour with warm water, use the chopstick to make it into a dough
  2. Add in the normal room water bit by bit to make the dough fully mix well
  3. Add in the olive oil into the dough to make the surface become smooth
  4. Wrap the dough with cling wrap let the dough sit for 30-60 minutes
  5. Divided the dough into 10 pieces (each about a fist size)
  6. 13101189_10153699950528165_673957339_n
  7. If you feel the dough is sticky on to your fingers, tap your fingers into the cooking oil and round it on the dough
  8. Use the roll stick to roll on the dough to thin layer and lay flat (i don’t have the roll stick, so i just using a round olive oil bottle wrap it with cling wrap)
  9. 13084201_10153699950413165_1960479513_n
  10. Add sesame seeds/ green scallion/ black pepper and salt on top of the flatten dough
  11. 13101516_10153699950303165_1473578068_n
  12. Use the side of the dough to cover the ingredients make it into a roll and start rolling from the beginning till the end (refer to photos for clearer idea)
  13. sprinkle some flour on plate to prevent sticks of the dough, however, you have to be quick start pan frying the dough from going soft and moisture
  14. Some sesame seeds are sprinkle on top of each bun to make it more delicious!
  15. 13082076_10153699950128165_697607893_n
  16. Start pan fry the bun by pressing it onto the pan to become thin flat layer with just a drop of oil and until it is lightly brownish and crispy.




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