Top 10 Fancy Boba Tea Bubble Milk Tea flavors that you can never be missed!


Top 10 Fancy Boba Tea Bubble Milk Tea flavors that you can never be missed!


Must have ingredients: 

Tapioca pearls

Boba Straw


1. Bubble Tea (Boba Tea, 珍珠奶茶)

Make bubble tea at home with boba pearls


Black tea bags

Domino® Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar

Almond Milk


2. Milk Tea With Coffee Jelly

Cool and refreshing milk tea with coffee jelly is so easy to make and fun to drink.

Recipe by bakingmischief


black tea bags


3. Mango Matcha Boba

Recipe by eatchofood

mango puree

matcha powder

brown sugar

4. Jasmine Green Milk Tea Boba


Jasmine Green Tea Blend


5. Lavender and Earl Grey Boba Tea 

Recipe by cbeatsblog


earl grey tea bags

dry lavender flowers


6. Rose Bubble Milk Tea

Recipe by torani

Torani Rose Syrup

black tea


7. Passion Fruit Mango Bubble Tea


Passion Fruits Puree

passion fruits

maple syrup


8. Strawberry Rose Bubble Tea

A strawberry rose, caffeine free bubble tea. Sweet, floral, and a delightful shade of pink. Enjoy this better for you, homemade version!

Recipe by veggiekinsblog

rose teabags

dried rose buds

Silk Oat Yeah oatmilk

freeze dried strawberries

vanilla extract


9. Honey Boba

Recipe by kirbiecravings

Color tapioca pearls

granulated sugar


10. Matcha Pandan Bubble Tea

Recipe by ful-filled

pandan leaves

whole palm sugar

matcha powder

unsweetened coconut milk

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