Authentic Vietnamese Beef Stew gia vị bò kho Spicy Broth Soup

What is kho?

Kho is a food preparation method in Vietnamese food definition “to braise”, “to stew”, or “to simmer” in which a healthy protein source such as fish, shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, or fried tofu is braised on reduced heat in a combination of fish sauce, sugar, as well as water or a water substitute such as young coconut juice


The taste of kho:

Bo Kho is a spicy and savory Vietnamese beef stew that creates a rather impressive dish of noodle soup.

Bo Kho is flavored with chili, five-spice, fish sauce, lemongrass, a lot of garlic, as well as tomato.

Background of Kho

Bo kho might not be too known as pho, yet it’s a timeless meal you need to learn more about. The beginning of the stew hinges on north Vietnam, where it is consumed for morning meal. In central Vietnam Bo kho is functioned as a noodle, and also in South Vietnam fresh bread is dipped in the sauce.

Bo kho is similar to the national recipe of Vietnam Pho, stemmed from the French pot-au-feu stew.



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