Easy Way Home Made Smooth Red Bean Paste 面包机简易红豆沙

Recently i have a new toy, i got a bread maker on the Black Friday. That’s so much fun that i can play with it. It helps me in many ways from baking, pastry and making ingredients for my dinner preparations. The important part i have saved up my time so much, so easy in preparing those complicated baking ingredients too. Red bean always the all time favorite for Chinese as sweet soup, bun filling, but to prepare it, it always take a very long hours. With bread machine, it simplified the steps of making the paste, you do not have to stand at the wok keep on stir and fry the paste until dry. With just one setting, i can get my red bean paste in 40 mins! To prepare it, i have just spent about 10 minutes to boil and blend the red bean.
Let’s start the making process! Ingredients: Dried red bean * 250g Brown Sugar/ White Sugar * 90g Red bean water * 3 tbsp (the balance water after boiling red bean) Butter * 30g (can replace with olive oil) Pandan Leafs * 4 stalks Steps:
  1. Soak the red beans in water overnight & keep in freezer for 4 hours
  2. Get ready a pot, add in pandan leafs, and add water which covers 1 inch above the red bean and start boiling until it soften
  3. Drain the beans, and keep the red bean water for later stage
  4. Insert the beans into the blender, blend it (do not over blend if you want to keep some beans in shape, if you want the super smooth texture, blend it longer). If the beans are too dry during blending process, add 2 tbsp of red bean water to smooth the process.
  5. Add the bean paste, sugar (choose your favorite sugar), Oil (eg vegetable oil/ corn oil) into the bread maker.
  6. Start the process with “JAM” button.
  7. Let the bread maker operates, and if you are doing it the first time, you can monitor the paste from time to time, as every each bread maker has different heat and circulation. I am using Hamilton Beach Bread Maker, it is relatively fast, basically the JAM function takes around 1H 20 Min, but for me i just need 1/2 circle of it , which is about 30-40 minutes to make the bean dried into paste. I personally use this bread machine for best result.
Remarks: my recipe is created with less sugar, i am using brown sugar, and i love the texture with some beans. Hope you enjoyed! Follow us on : Instagram –> https://www.instagram.com/yencooking/ Pinterest –> https://www.pinterest.com/yencooking/ Twitter –> https://twitter.com/pnycooking Facebook Page –> https://www.facebook.com/pnycooking/ Blog –> http://goo.gl/4jgp2y Save Save Save

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