KETO Cupcake Egg with Parsley Flower

This is a very simple breakfast and yet fit into Keto diets particularly suitable for those have limited time to prepare their breakfast. I usually bake the eggs with different ingredients during the weekend for the upcoming entire week. This cupcake eggs are protein fuel for the breakfast, and i normally will pair it withRead More

Bread Machine Recipe: Easy Homemade Rich Pandan Flavor KAYA (Coconut Spread) 面包机简易斑兰加耶

i love this coconut spread more than other type of fruit jam, as it is rich of coconut and egg fragrance.This kaya spread can just simply add into any pastry to have the amazingly good taste. In America, there are so hard to find my hometown food, almost everything, i have to made it fromRead More

String Beans Omelette with Dried Bonito Flakes

A creative way of making string beans, make it like an omelette, it can be served as breakfast or proper meals with rice. Bonito flakes to add in the seafood flavor for the entire dish, surprise!   Ingredients: String beans * 100g (cut into small cubes) Eggs * 2 pcs (lightly beaten) Bonito Flakes *Read More

America Version Homemade Caramel Kaya Jam (Coconut Egg Spread from Asian)

For those who have never come across this, just a little sharing about it. In South East Asia, we normally spread this together with toasted bread and butter. However, there are many other pastry such as Kaya Puff, Kaya Tart are all made by this Kaya Filling. Ingredients: Ingredient A Granulated Sugar * 3 tbsRead More

Banana Raspberry L’oven Fresh Everything Bagel with Milo Cocoa Drink

Ingredients: For Bagel — Bagel * 1/2 pc (toasted it) Banana * 1/2 pc (cut into slices) Raspberry * 4 pcs Sunflower seeds spread * 1 tea spoon Beverage — Milo Cocoa Powder * 3 spoons How to prepare: Toasted the Sesame seeds Bagel for 1 minute. Sunflower seed butter spread on the  first layerRead More