America Version Homemade Caramel Kaya Jam (Coconut Egg Spread from Asian)

For those who have never come across this, just a little sharing about it. In South East Asia, we normally spread this together with toasted bread and butter. However, there are many other pastry such as Kaya Puff, Kaya Tart are all made by this Kaya Filling.


Ingredient A

Granulated Sugar * 3 tbs

Water * 2tbs

Ingredient B

Granulated sugar * 200gm

Coconut Milk 300gm

Eggs * 5 large size grade A

How to prepare:

  1. ┬áPrepare two different size of pots, Pot A must be slightly smaller than Pot B, this is to fit the smaller pot into the bigger pot. The bottom of Pot A shouldn’t touch the Pot B, you can use an aluminum rack if necessary. Fill in the Pot B with water and let it boiling and the water should cover up at least half of the Pot A.
  2. Prepare ingredient A is easy. Get another pot, add in the ingredients and cook with low heat to caramelized the sugar. Depends how brownish of the color you intend to have for your kaya, my today’s kaya is just very light brown toning as i do not want it to have very dark color. You can normally wait until the syrup turns to golden brown color then turn off the heat.
  3. At the same time, while the ingredient A is cooking, you can prepare next ingredients. Whisk the egg and have it sieved to have smoother texture, together with the 200g granulated sugar into the Pot A and place it inside Pot B start steering it until the sugar dissolved.
  4. Insert caramelized sugar into pot A slowly bit by bit and continue stiring Pot A’s ingredients. Do not have to worry if the caramel crystallize, it will still slowly dissolved together with the heat later on.
  5. Sieved the coconut milk and add onto Pot A. Take the pot A out from the Pot B and place it directly in touch with the heat stove with the lowest level of heat (i am using electric stove) . Stiring process must keep continuing to have the smooth texture and it takes about 30 minutes to get the thicker texture.
  6. Keep it in a glass bottle and set it cold before you refrigerated it.

Photos of the ingredients are shown below :

coconut milk


granulated sugar




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