Homemade Caramel Sesame Banana Jam

Bananas are always too fast to get ripe, i have many left over and it turns too much yellow now!! New recipe is up!! Never ever found in the market the banana Jam~ tasted and it is great zest!!   Ingredient: Banana * 3 pcs Lemon juice * 1/2 pc Brown Sugar * 2 tbspRead More

America Version Homemade Caramel Kaya Jam (Coconut Egg Spread from Asian)

For those who have never come across this, just a little sharing about it. In South East Asia, we normally spread this together with toasted bread and butter. However, there are many other pastry such as Kaya Puff, Kaya Tart are all made by this Kaya Filling. Ingredients: Ingredient A Granulated Sugar * 3 tbsRead More