Homemade Caramel Sesame Banana Jam

Bananas are always too fast to get ripe, i have many left over and it turns too much yellow now!! New recipe is up!! Never ever found in the market the banana Jam~ tasted and it is great zest!!






Banana * 3 pcs

Lemon juice * 1/2 pc

Brown Sugar * 2 tbsp

Sesame Seeds * 1 tsp (toasted)


How to make:

  1. Cook the brown sugar in the dry low heat pan until it is caramelized. (all sugar are melted and boiling)
  2. Smash the banana and cooking it in a new pot
  3. Add the caramel onto the pot and keep on stiring it until it become thicken
  4. Add the sesame seeds onto the ingredient and mix well.
  5. Keep it in a clean glass bottle and freezer it


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