KETO Cupcake Egg with Parsley Flower

This is a very simple breakfast and yet fit into Keto diets particularly suitable for those have limited time to prepare their breakfast. I usually bake the eggs with different ingredients during the weekend for the upcoming entire week. This cupcake eggs are protein fuel for the breakfast, and i normally will pair it withRead More

Crunchy Lotus Root with Pork

Lotus root is a good ingredient that used widely for soup, however, i love to have its crunchiness after stir fry it too. I’ve added some beans into the dish to add little natural protein boost other than the pork. It is to cut down the fats for the dish for diet control purposes. BlackRead More

Rich Protein Soy bean Wai San Stew Pork

i always want to create a balance meal for each of my dish, so normally for the stew pork with wai san and carrot is good enough for the taste but to add in the soy bean, it just have additional protein and texture to the entire dish. Try it! Ingredients: Pork * 300g (cutRead More