Ginger Oyster Sauce Pork Liver 姜爆耗油猪肝

This dish is very suitable for female, especially for those just over period and during confinement month. (Oriental Postpartum Care) However, many does not like the taste of the liver, or the internal organs. But trust me, this is highly recommended by doctor to boost the iron of the body and great source of protein.Read More

Stew Porks parts with Sesame Oil

This meal is specially for myself, and all the women and ladies out there, eat this after the menstrual cycle. It helps rejuvenate and rebuild blood cells for the body. Ingredients: Pork * 100g (slices) Pork Liver * 100g (slices) Pork kidney * 1 pc (slices) Sesame Oil * 4 tbsp Ginger * 3-4 slicesRead More