Stew Porks parts with Sesame Oil

This meal is specially for myself, and all the women and ladies out there, eat this after the menstrual cycle. It helps rejuvenate and rebuild blood cells for the body.


Pork * 100g (slices)

Pork Liver * 100g (slices)

Pork kidney * 1 pc (slices)

Sesame Oil * 4 tbsp

Ginger * 3-4 slices



Light soy sauce * 2 tsp

Black pepper * little bit

Corn Starch * 1 tsp

Cooking wine * 1 tsp



Marinate all pork and parks into the seasoning for 3-4 hours


How to cook:

  1. Heat the wok with sesame oil and start frying the gingers until it become darken brown and dry.
  2. Add in the pork & parts into the wok and quick fry it for 1 minute.
  3. Add the cooking wine and water and turn on the fire to higher level to steam out the alcohol
  4. Sprinkle some green scallions and ready to serve!

Photos of the ingredients are shown below :

Pork Liver

pork liver

Pork kidney


Sesame Oil


Light soy sauce


Black pepper


Corn Starch


Cooking wine (rice wine)

rice wine


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