Homemade Caramel Sesame Banana Jam

Bananas are always too fast to get ripe, i have many left over and it turns too much yellow now!! New recipe is up!! Never ever found in the market the banana Jam~ tasted and it is great zest!!   Ingredient: Banana * 3 pcs Lemon juice * 1/2 pc Brown Sugar * 2 tbspRead More

Japanese To-fu Egg Patty with Bonito Flakes

I always try to make things simple, today, with the soft To-fu, i smashed it and mixed it with the egg, then it become the vegetarian patty, that is suitable for everybody, especially if you want to eat clean and even if you are on diet plan. Ingredients: Soft Tofu * 1/2 pc Egg *Read More

Banana Raspberry L’oven Fresh Everything Bagel with Milo Cocoa Drink

Ingredients: For Bagel — Bagel * 1/2 pc (toasted it) Banana * 1/2 pc (cut into slices) Raspberry * 4 pcs Sunflower seeds spread * 1 tea spoon Beverage — Milo Cocoa Powder * 3 spoons How to prepare: Toasted the Sesame seeds Bagel for 1 minute. Sunflower seed butter spread on the  first layerRead More