Cast Iron Salty Egg Golden Sand Butter Fried Tofu 咸蛋金莎奶油炸豆腐

For Asian cooking, we are familiar in using salted eggs as the cooking ingredients, in terms of adding richer taste to the dishes and reduce the amount of using salt and soy sauce. Salty eggs are made by duck eggs, which are fermented with salts and use widely to match with chicken, even tofu. IRead More

Thai Sauce Tofu Hot Salad

I happened to have some creativity today, on my dish, i am not sure if there is any Tofu salad in Thailand for reality, but since i am using the Thai Spicy Sweet Sauce, so i just named it as it is.   Ingredient: Firm Tofu * 2 pcs (cut into cubes) Cucumber * 1/4Read More

Pepper Salt Tofu in Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

In fact i planned to cook mapo tofu at the beginning, but i changed my mind turn it into pepper salt tofu. Tada~~ simple and quice preparation can be serve in cold or hot. And never forget the yummy sauce dip * Thai Sweet Chili sauce is the sparkle of the dish Ingredient: Hard TofuRead More

Goh Hiang All Spice Chicken Drumsticks with side dishes

Ever since i moved to this city, this is one of the dish i usually craving about. The Goh Hiang gravy sauce can be used to stew mostly everything from tofu, eggs, chicken feet, drumstick and pork. Goh Hiang seasoning is inclusive of ground pepper, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cumin seeds, ginger, cardamom, licorice, pepper,Read More