Best 10 Authentic Vietnamese Street Snacks Recipes Not just PHO!



1. Hue Pancake: Bánh khoai 

Recipe by Luke Nguyen

click hoisin sauce



clickshrimp paste



clickpork stock



clickrice flour



clickturmeric powder



2. Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls: Bánh Cuốn

Recipe by vickypham

mushroom bouillon stock powder






clickBánh Cuốn Flour



clickpotato starch



clicktapioca starch


3. Vietnamese Sweet Potato Shrimp Fritters: Bánh Tôm

Recipe by scruffandsteph


clickdried shrimp



clickglutinous rice flour



clickNuoc mam dipping sauce


4. Vietnamese pork & shrimp sizzling crepes: Bánh xèo


clickcoconut milk





5. Vietnamese Salted Eggs Cupcakes: Bông Lan Trứng Muối

Recipe by daylambanh


clickpork floss



clickDry onions


6. Pork and Shrimp Tapioca Dumplings: Bánh bột lọc

Recipe by vanskitchen

clickAnnatto oil


7. Vietnamese Steamed Rice Cakes: Bánh Bèo

Recipe by whattocooktoday

clickArrowroot flour



clickmung bean



clickrice vinegar


8. Vietnamese Savory Mini Pancakes: Bánh Khọt

Recipe by streetfoodman

clickMaggi’s stock



clickBánh Khọt mold 



clickmung bean


9. Vietnamese pork lemongrass skewers: Nem lụi

Recipe by newideafood

clickKaffir lime leaves



clicklemongrass stalks


10. Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls: Gọi Cường

Recipe by recipetineats

clickround rice paper



clickvermicelli noodles



clicksamba oelak


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