chrysanthemum Wolf Berries Tea (菊花枸杞茶)

The highlights is not about the muffin, but it’s about the flower tea by the side. The Chrysanthemum with Goji Tea is good for body detoxification and brighten your eye sight. Drink the tea for better digestion too, especially after those two sweet muffins~
Ingredients: (portion for two)
Chrysanthemum * 20g (can get it easily from the oriental market)
Wolf Berry * 10g (can get it easily from the oriental market) 
Rock Sugar * add if you like or none to be healthier
How to make:
  1. Just prepare all ingredients inside the tea pot and pour in the hot water until half full of the tea pot and pour it away instantly. This is to cleanse the dust and dirt of the flowers and berries.
  2. Pour in the hot water into the tea pot and set it aside about 10-15 mins to have more fragrance.
  3. Add in the sugar and serve it with your favorite pastry.

Photos of each ingredients:

chrysanthemum tea
Wolf Berry 
Rock Sugar 
rock sugar



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