Colorful Bell Pepper Spanish Style Rice

As Asian are the big fans of rice dishes, most of the time steam white rice with no taste, today i made a challenge into little Spanish style, however it is still plain taste compare to those real Spanish rice. Next time i will add in more spices to make it stronger taste. But if you prefer something light, here’s a good version to go!



White Rice * 2 cups

Black Rice * 10 g

onion * 1/4 pc (cut into small cubes)

Red bell peppers * 1/4 pc (cut into small cubes)

Yellow bell peppers * 1/4 pc (cut into small cubes)



Tumeric Powder * little bit

McCormick Garlic and herb Spice * little bit

Black pepper * little bit

Salt * little bit



Stir fry onion become caramelize with all seasoning and add in the bell peppers for 1 minute


How to cook:

  1. insert rice and water (2 1/2 cups) into rice cooker and press cook button.
  2. After the cook button stop, add in the vegetables and keep warm for 1 minute.
  3. Mix the vegetables and rice and served!


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