Stir Fried Button Mushrooms in Thai Style

My family is a big fan of Thai Style dishes, they loves lemon grass, basil, lemon taste. Today i have it using Turmeric into the mushroom dish


Button Mushroom * 200g

Red bell pepper * 1/4 pcs (slice it)

Yellow bell pepper * 1/4 pcs (slice it)

Kai Lan Stalk * 50g (slice it)

pork * 50g (slice it)


Seasoning: For pork

Turmeric powder * 1 tbsp

Soy sauce * 1 tbsp

Corn Starch * 1tsp

Black Pepper * little bit

How to cook:

  1. Marinated the pork in the seasoning.
  2. Stir fried the pork until it is 70% cooked (around 2-3 minutes)
  3. Heat the wok with little bit of cooking oil, stir fried the Kai Lan Stalk until soften
  4. Add in the pork into the wok and mix well with the ingredients.
  5. Add in the mushroom and some seasoning like soy sauce, black pepper and turmeric powder at the same time
  6. Add in 5ml water and boil it together with the mushroom until soft
  7. Finally add in the colorful bell pepper and stir fried it for 1 minute.


Photos of the ingredients as shown below:

Button Mushroom

button mushroom

Red bell pepper

red bell pepper

Yellow bell pepper

yellow bell pepper

Kai Lan


Turmeric powder

turmeric powder

Soy sauce


Corn Starch


Black Pepper


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