Keto Sushi Pork Rolls

sometimes we running out of time to prepare dinner after work, so i love prepared some snacks to keep in freezer during urgency moment. This is a keto fit recipe with pork, can be cook in various ways such as steam or pan fried.

These rolls can be replaced as the ordinary “dimsum” in the Chinese Restaurant with a healthier version. I do not use corn starch or flour in the recipe, so it can be fitted into the Keto diet. Also, to make it look more appetizing, i added in the seaweed rings as the decoration.

Keto Sushi Pork Rolls


Ground pork – 320g

Soy Bean Wrap – 8 pcs (cut into square size 4″x4″)

Japanese Seaweed sheets – 1 pc (cut into 8 strips with 1″ width)

Marinated sauce (marinated ground pork for overnight)

Duck fat – 1/2 tsp

Garlic – 3 cloves (mince it)

light soy sauce – 2 tbsp

black pepper 1/2 tbsp

Green scallion – 4 stalks (cut into tiny cubes)

white sesame seeds – 1 tbsp

ginger – 1 inch (mince it)

Steps to do Keto Sushi Pork Rolls

  1. prepare the soy wrapper on top of the chopping board

  1. Take about 40g of marinated ground pork put on top of the soy wrapper
  2. Wrap it tight and sealed it with water touch
  3. Wrap again with Japanese seaweed strips also sealed it with water touch
  4. Option: to steam it for 8 minutes or pan fried it with olive oil until crispy

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