Simple Pork Stuffed Bitter Melon 简单猪肉釀苦瓜

Hello!! i am back after a while, as i have started on the working schedule, i have less time to keep up the posting, please forgive me on this. We found this nice bitter melon for our grocery last week, instead of making the soup, i have decided to make it into different taste. In Malaysia there are many Yong Tau Foo food shop that stuffed the mince pork into the vegetable such as lady fingers, chilies, egg plant and tofu, of course bitter melon is one of the best option. So it is very simple, take me 30 minutes to get it done, interested to try? just follow me!


Mince pork * 200g

Bitter Melon * 1 pc (cut like a ring)

Garlic * 1 clove (shredded)

Carrot * 10g (shredded)


For marinated the mince pork

light Soy Sauce * 2 tbsp

Corn starch * 1 tsp

Black Pepper * to taste

mix it together with carrot and garlic

For the sauce:

Oyster sauce * 1 tbsp

Light Soy Sauce * 1 tsp

Mirin * 1 tsp

Brown Sugar * 1/2 tsp

Corn Starch * 1 tsp

Water * 5 tbsp



  1. Marinated the pork for 3-4 hours
  2. Stuffed the pork into the bitter melon (remember to remove the seeds from the melon)
  3. Add little oil into the wok and pan fry the bitter melon that stuffed with pork.
  4. Until the both side has little brownish color and set aside
  5. Add some oil and the sauce in the pan, start boiling.
  6. Add in the bitter melon into the sauce, simmer until it is soft. Cover with lid
  7. Turn to the other side and simmer for another 3 minutes.
  8. Ready to serve!


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