Spinach Pork Dumplings 菠菜猪肉饺子

Being in low carb diet, we hardly eat dumplings nowadays. i make a batch of pork dumplings, around 20 pcs, to keep its freshness, i kept it in the freezer because we only eat 4 dumplings per meal. Just to keep it around the carbs that we need daily. The dumplings can be eaten withRead More

Simple Pork Stuffed Bitter Melon 简单猪肉釀苦瓜

Hello!! i am back after a while, as i have started on the working schedule, i have less time to keep up the posting, please forgive me on this. We found this nice bitter melon for our grocery last week, instead of making the soup, i have decided to make it into different taste. InRead More

Tomato Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Finally, there was a not so busy Sunday, I have a little time slot of making these tiny pork meatballs. Sweet and sour sauce with tomato are always easy to use with pork, chicken, fish and even vegetarian dish eg Tofu. Since i seldom make pork dish recently, i guess it is time to make some meatballsRead More

Chinese Fujian Five Spice Pork Rolls (五香卤肉卷)

This is the snack that i have been eaten since childhood. My granny, or everybody’s granny will make this pork rolls during our prayers to ancestor and this is quite a luxurious food which we do not always get the chance to eat. However there are street food stall that selling the same pork rolls,Read More

Special Sauce Hong Kong Jing-Du Pork

We went to a famous restaurant at Fort Lauderdale during mother’s day last month, the place is famous with their Jing-Du Crispy pork slice, which is one of the hubby favorite. So, i try to do it at home, however, with our utilities, i imitate some of the taste but this is non crispy version.Read More

Fiber Queen Celery with Crispy Pork

I used to hate celery and i have never added it into my cooking ingredient list. However, my new family, my hubby linked me up with these Fiber Queen celery and now i am in love with it ~~   here’s the celery dish with pork slice! Bon Appetit!!   Ingredient: Texas Celery * 200gRead More

Diamond String Bean with mince pork

we always love the crunchiness of the string bean, beside cooking it with egg, here the simple one with mince pork Ingredients: String bean * 150g (cut into diamond shape) mince pork * 50g (marinated with seasoning) Garlic * 2 cloves (dice it) oyster sauce * 1 tsp   Seasoning: dark soy sauce * 1Read More

Stew Porks parts with Sesame Oil

This meal is specially for myself, and all the women and ladies out there, eat this after the menstrual cycle. It helps rejuvenate and rebuild blood cells for the body. Ingredients: Pork * 100g (slices) Pork Liver * 100g (slices) Pork kidney * 1 pc (slices) Sesame Oil * 4 tbsp Ginger * 3-4 slicesRead More

Rich Protein Soy bean Wai San Stew Pork

i always want to create a balance meal for each of my dish, so normally for the stew pork with wai san and carrot is good enough for the taste but to add in the soy bean, it just have additional protein and texture to the entire dish. Try it! Ingredients: Pork * 300g (cutRead More