Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is a herb planted in India. The skin of the seed is mostly dietary fiber. The water-soluble fiber can absorb bad cholesterol and blood lipids, prevent heart disease and effectively maintain blood vessels. The water-insoluble fiber can help the large intestine to move. People who have been suffering from constipation for a longRead More

Coconut Flour

Coconut powder is a fine powder prepared by dehydrating coconut meat. It is very suitable for making and replacing flour-based food. It is light in weight and fluffy in texture. It has strong water absorption and is especially suitable for baking. Rich in fiber, protein and nutrients Coconut powder is rich in hard-to-digest starch andRead More

Classic Dark Chocolate Chips Muffin

When you crave for just simple chocolate muffins, just bake it! Ingredients: Unsalted butter – 113g Powder sugar – 100g Cake Flour – 150g baking powder – 1tsp eggs – 3 pcs coconut milk – 100ml water – 25ml unsweetened Chocolate powder – 2tbsp dark Chocolate Chips – Decorate on top how to do :Read More

Super Moist Espresso Coffee Chocolate Chips Marble Pound Cake

Baking is always my weakest area, but i am craving for pound cake today, since it is labor day, i decided to brush up some baking skill.. a very simple one haha. It is No skills required, but just blend and fold every ingredients together. The result turned out super moist and yummilicious! Again, itRead More

Dark Chocolate Chips Almond Soft Cookies

For the very first time i baked cookies, i am always not a big fan of cookies, as i felt it is so dry and hard texture, cookies never be my snack for tea time. However, hubby told me there is another type of soft cookies that i should try. I wonder how the softRead More

Old Style Super Moist Butter Milo Cake 古早味超绵密斑马牛油milo磅蛋糕 (6 inches square mold)

I miss home, and the simple butter cake brings me the feeling of being home, so, i bake! Been looking around for many bakery shop where i find all the butter cakes are too oily and dry so i have this amended recipe to make it super moist! Ingredients: Butter (unsalted) * 250g Cake FlourRead More