Vietnamese Garlic Chives Spring Rolls

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Hubby’s family has a lot of fresh garden vegetables, this week we harvest quite a number of chinese chives (Garlic Chives), i decided to do fusion snack with Vietnamese spring roll wraps. Garlic chives is good for men, especially tonify the kidney. Besides, it raises appetites, prevent inflammation, beautify the skin. This is indeed a good source of fiber for everybody.

Garlic Chives * 300g (cut to 1cm length)

Vietnamese Spring Roll Wrap * 8-10 pcs

Dried shrimp * 50g (cut to small pcs)

Black Pepper * to taste

Garlic * 3-4 cloves (finely chop)

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce * for dipping




How to cook:

  1. Heat up the wok with little cooking oil, start frying the dried shrimp and garlic. Then follow by the garlic chives, black pepper and salt. Do not over fry the vegetables to keep the vitamin of the garlic chives. Do not add in any water on this steps.
  2. Wet the spring roll wrap with little bit of water and put a scoop of cooked garlic chives and start wrapping it from the edge, then follow by the left and right side and roll it to the end to make the spring rolls.
  3. Coated the plate with a thin layer of oil to prevent the spring rolls sticking to each other.
  4. The spring rolls can be eaten with steam or pan fried. Today i just make the pan fried version as we are not eating instantly, after pan fried, we can keep it for longer period of time.
  5. Dip it with Thai sweet chili sauce.


Photos of the ingredients


Vietnamese Spring Roll Wrap

vietnamese roll wrapper

Dried shrimp


Thai Sweet Chili Sauce


Garlic Chives

garlic chives


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