Double Taste Egg Toasts

Sometimes we need different taste for our taste buds, we are getting bored with the toast bread by using the toaster, so today i fried the bread with eggs!
Then i spread the KAYA Jam (my homemade style, Recipe: here) on one of the egg toast and another one with a slice of turkey ham on it. So we have our breakfast in salty and sweet taste for this round!
To make a complete balance meal, i add in the homemade soy milk and some raspberries for protein and vitamin C booster
Nature’s Own Honey Wheat bread * 4 slices
Turkey ham slice * 2 slices
Eggs * 2 pcs
How to make:
  1. Whisk the eggs in the big bowl
  2. Dip in the bread into the eggs and fry it in the pan with little bit of cooking oil
  3. Fried the turkey ham slice too
  4. Display as per photo and serve~

Photos of the ingredients are shown below :

Nature’s Own Honey Wheat bread
natures own honey wheat
Turkey ham slice
turkey ham

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