Ginger Onion King Oyster Mushroom

Another simple quick dish is here. King oyster mushroom has the unique texture just tasted like the abalone, so vegan always replace it as the main source of the protein in their meals. We recently have a lot of party and especially this is my birthday week, we have been eating out a lot. So i guess we have to go back to the eat clean mode.



King Oyster Mushroom * 1 huge piece (slice it with hand)

Carrot * 50g (slice it)

Green scallion * 50g (cut into 1 inch length)

Ginger * 10g (slice it)

Garlic * 2 cloves (chop finely)

Sesame Seeds * 1 pinch (decoration)


Light Soy Sauce * 1 tbsp

Water * 2 tbsp

Black Pepper * to taste


How to cook:

  1. Heat up the pan with little bit of oil, garlic and ginger, fried to fragrance.
  2. Add in the carrot, stir fry until soften
  3. Add in the king oyster mushroom, stir fry and add in the light soy sauce and water. Cook for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Add in the green scallion and mix well with other ingredients.
  5. Add in the black pepper and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.
  6. Ready to serve


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