Red spinach with pork liver Soup


i guess many people just afraid the taste of the liver, well this is my favorite and believe me, all females are advised to eat this especially after menstrual cycles.


Red spinach * 300g

pork liver * 150g (slice it)

Lean pork * 150g (slice it)

Ginger * little bit (slice it)

Garlic * little bit (cut into cube)


Sesame oil * 1 tea spoon

oil * 1 tea spoon

Corn starch * 1 tea spoon

soy sauce * 1 tea spoon

black pepper * little bit


Marinated the pork liver and lean pork with soy sauce, corn starch and pepper for few hours.

How to cook:

  1.  Stir fried the pork liver and lean pork with mixture of oil and sesame oil for 6-7 minutes. (do not overcook it)
  2. Boil the water with ginger and garlic
  3. Insert the pork liver and lean pork after the water is boiling
  4. Finally put the red spinach and off the fire.

Photos of the ingredients are shown below :

Red spinach


pork liver


Sesame oil


Corn starch


soy sauce


black pepper


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