Stir Fried Colorful Mix Veggies

This is a night filled with colorful veggies. Look at the combination of the colors, red, yellow, orange, green! i love seeing those colors and here’s our dinner ! Healthy, clean and tasty! Ingredients: Broccoli * 150g Carrot * 50g Red / Yellow Bell peppers * each 1/4 pcs Garlic * 1 clove (dice it)Read More

Luo Song Tong (No Beef version)

As i do not take beef, so most of the dishes are non beef version. However i will try to create some beef related for my lovely hubby, do stay tune for the upcoming beef meals. This luo song tong is basically a non meat version, however i have added in some chicken drumstick bonesRead More

Red spinach with pork liver Soup

i guess many people just afraid the taste of the liver, well this is my favorite and believe me, all females are advised to eat this especially after menstrual cycles. Ingredients: Red spinach * 300g pork liver * 150g (slice it) Lean pork * 150g (slice it) Ginger * little bit (slice it) Garlic *Read More

Colorful Mushroom Bean Sprouts

i always love to make my meals have rainbow colors, here you go my colorful bean sprout recipe! Ingredients: mini dried shrimp * 4-5 pcs bean sprout * 600g dried mushroom * 1-2 pcs (soak in water and cut into slices) carrots * little bit (cut into slices) Black Fungus * little bit (soak inRead More