Air Fryer High Protein Low Carb Tofu Pork Burger Patties

  This is a very popular dish among the slimming group. This is convenient and easy to prepare and keep it in the freezer during COVID-19.   High protein patties where you can substitute with different types of ground meat, either beef, turkey or chicken. But I am using ground pork this round. I amRead More

KETO Low Carb Stuffed Summer Squash with Ground Pork

Since i have a new job, i am trying to squeeze the time to make new recipe, and still we are in Low Carb WOE. We went to Aldi for grocery shopping and these summer yellow squash just so so fresh. So, i have ground pork, and just to make something fun, i stuffed theRead More

Baba Nyonya Assam Prawn (Tamarind Shrimps) 娘惹亚参虾(罗望子虾)

Baba & Nyonya cuisine is a cultural mixed dishes in the Malaysia history. Back in the era, there are many Chinese migrated to Malaya to work and get married with the locals. So Baba & Nyonya are the next generation with a combination of 50% Chinese taste with the 50% of Malaya Local delicacies. Thus,Read More