Chinese White Radish Pork Balls Clear Soup

This is one of a very popular ingredient for making Korean Kim-Chi, however, i have decided to turn the white radish into a non spicy soup for the end of summer in Florida. White radish can be used to make cold or hot dish, most of the time cold dish is more likely pickles or spicy in taste. On the other end, the hot dish, mostly it will be made into the clear soup with pork ribs or pork balls, with the function of clear body heat.

Chinese White Radish Pork Balls Clear Soup

Ingredients: White radish – 1/2 pcs (cut into cubes) ground pork – 300g (marinate with mince garlic,  light soy sauce and black pepper) Red dates – 7 pcs water – 800ml

Steps to cook Chinese White Radish Pork Balls Clear Soup

  1. Fill the ceramic pot with 800ml water
  2. Add in the white radish when the water starts to boil
  3. Add in the red dates
  4. let it boil for 5 minutes under high heat
  5. Simmer it for 45 minutes at low heat, cover with lid
  6. make the ground pork into ball shapes, and add into the soup, turn to high heat until boiling for 5 minutes
  7. turn off the heat and cover with the lid to settle down for another 5 minutes
  8. Ready to serve

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