Chinese White Radish Pork Balls Clear Soup

This is one of a very popular ingredient for making Korean Kim-Chi, however, i have decided to turn the white radish into a non spicy soup for the end of summer in Florida. White radish can be used to make cold or hot dish, most of the time cold dish is more likely pickles orRead More

Yummy Japanese Seaweed Egg Hot Soup in Claypot

It has been raining for days, everything feels so humid and cold, so i decided to make a hot hot soup for the night. Seaweed is good for detox, but just seaweed itself for a soup is too boring.. with some protein booster, i add in fry eggs. It can be done within 3 minutes!Read More

Oriental Chrysanthemum Ginger Chicken Soup

Hubby loves soup, since i have chicken drumstick, i would want to try a new recipe by adding in the flower ingredients. Chrysanthemum is a yellow flower that always believe has the power to flush away body heat and detox, with it’s special fragrance, normally we just drink it like a tea, but now iRead More

Sweet Corn Red Dates Millet Soup

Millet, is another form of grain that can replace the rice, however, today i made it a sweet soup for our breakfast. It is creamy and fluffy like the cream soup. However, to make it tastier, i have added in some oriental ingredients such as dates and gozi berries, According to the research, red datesRead More

Luo Song Tong (No Beef version)

As i do not take beef, so most of the dishes are non beef version. However i will try to create some beef related for my lovely hubby, do stay tune for the upcoming beef meals. This luo song tong is basically a non meat version, however i have added in some chicken drumstick bonesRead More